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The company was founded in 2011 by Mr. Nandkishor , as a company specializing in software as a service (SaaS).

Mr. Nandkishor Dhangar, Mr Mohammad Arif and Mr. Rajesh Kumar Dhangar , three software developers previously started Technoplayers.Nandkishor and team developed the “ initial sales automation software” , which was launched to its first customers in 2011. And with its first successful completion of year, technoplayer made business with 155 customers.

In July 2012, Techno Players announced the development of its Customer Success Platform to tie together with complete IT services, including sales, service, marketing, analytics, community, and mobile apps.

As the company was continuously growing, Mr. Nandkishor took the journey more further in an Online and Offline Industry.In 2014 - 16 the company had build High Performance Developers Team.


The more the high skilled staff increases, the more rapidly technoplayer was able to help many business grow successful such as School/Colleges Through Educational Management Software, CA/Accountants Through Accounting Software, Small Business /Enterprise Through Professional Web Portals And Young Entrepreneur/Startups Through Mobile App And Website For Ecommerce, Travel And Small Business.

In 2016 Mr. Nandkishor Dhangar and his team started to work in order to spread the idea “high quality web portal at lowest price possible” all across the globe.

The Company offered now the convenience of easy order bookings at rock-bottom prices through just a phone or via website. Rapidly, Technoplayers became the preferred choice of thousands of business entrepreneur already who were delighted to be empowered by easy orders and quick delivery all at lowest price guaranteed!

Technoplayers rise has been lead by the vision and the spirit of each one of its employees, for whom no idea was too big and no problem too difficult. With untiring innovation and determination, Technoplayers proactively began to diversify its product offering, adding a variety of online and offline software and ecommerce products and services.

Technoplayer also stayed ahead of the curve by continually evolving its technology to meet the ever changing demands of the rapidly developing global web market.Steadily establishing itself across India, Technoplayer simultaneously nurtured the growth of its offline businesses already strong retail presence further.


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